Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


packed. de nuevo.

Packing for three months is much easier than packing for a year. Especially when the hemisphere is the same. I'm excited. I'm starting something amazing and new and from here on out it's the talent and passion I have that will drive me. Of course, the recession will be right there to remind me of reality when I'm looking a for a job in three months. Until then I will sharpen my pencils and take notes diligently. 'Cause I'm back in school. And in an entirely new territory. I dig it. bring it.

Ohhhh, I hope I can watch Fargo on my netflix online.



Moving On. Again.

The American soil has seeped back into the soles of my shoes. The sweltering Texas heat has broken my sweat. The wonders of the English language have re-filled in my brain. I'm adjusting back to this american life. The first few days were like walking through a sand box with your eyes closed. Then, I opened up my eyes and started laughing again. And driving like the irresponsible driver I am. Sometimes a wave will come over me. Thinking about those delicious empanadas, you ask? oh you know it. Especially that fugazetta. Besides food, there are certain things, even things I love, I'll have to leave behind. And time will make that easier. that is just life, isn't it?

As you may have noticed I changed up the format. The content will be changing, as well. I'm currently in San Antonio, after a weekend of visiting old friends in Denton and Fort Worth, but only for two more weeks. I take off for Miami Ad School....which let's all remember the misleading confusion that it is actually in Minneapolis. Either way, I get to say chau to 100-degree summer days here in Texas and give the north a chance to show me it 'warm' side.

My blog will document my adventure through this Account Planning Bootcamp, running from July 6- September 20. After the program is over I will be taking a short trip to Chicago and New York to visit agencies and friends. Once this course is over I think I'll be ready to pack up my suitcases for a while. Where? Quien sabe?

Warning: These entries will not contain as much adventuresome stories as the past year in Argentina, but I will do my best to hide great cynicism.