Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Don't cry for me, Argentina.

We've come full circle. One year later. I've got all kinds of emotions running through my body so I should not write an elaborate entry right now. But, I am home. I am missing certain people. Certain things. Nothing that I could put in my suitcase, though. So, I'll take a deep breath and look at the fancy things I just found today at Super Target.

I just need to settle my brain. my body. I'm in Texas. I'm in Texas.

That's all.



Bebé de comida

I just ate my weight in Argentine beef. and it was so deli(cious). My housemates and I went to a tenedor libre, which literally means "open fork," but what it really is a wonderful all-you-can-eat meat heaven. There was a nice salad bar with fresh beats and all, then you get to choose which and however much of the meat as you want. Of course, you have to start with the steak then work your way down. By the time I got to the sausage I was meated out, with a food baby named carne. Don't worry I topped all that off with some helado (ice cream).

I could give you a play-by-play of what I've been doing since Sunday, but really it would just be descriptions of the different food I've been eating, and good company as a side order. My mind doesn't really go around thinking, this is the last time you'll be able to do this, but apparently my stomach has caught on to the fact that I'm leaving and it's taking me for a ride.

I'm going to miss so many things about this city, but one of the things I have to most shame to admit that I'm going to miss is the dirty old men that stare at you on the street. Men are trained from a young age to stare and whistle at woman, and most of the time it's harmless. About 90% of the time it just makes me laugh at how ridiculous they are about it, and obvious. Today this old man stopped me in the street to ask me something and when I couldn't make out the first time what he had said, upon his repetition of his question I could only make out one word between his slurs with four teeth, "beso." and I kept on walking.

This time next week I will have gone from Fall to Summer, moved back two hours, eaten Tex-Mex and possibly driven a car for the first time in a year. que raro.




Mi última semana.

So my favorite bus let me down tonight. The 59. It's given me so many great memories and I swear when that bus driver looked at me tonight as I was running toward the stop in a breathless manner, he smirked at me as he hit the gas. Smirked. at me. Well. I'll show him. Yeah. I waited 25 minutes for the next one.

Tonight was my last class with the family I've been teaching English to on weekends since August. They made me a cake that said "Bye, Bye" on it and called it my Bye Bye Cake. There were even little white hearts written in icing on it. I was very touched. Then i started making jokes and singing "Bye, Bye, Bye" from NSYNC, including hand gestures. I'm always in for a laugh.

We're on the home stretch. Literally. I've had so many emotions since arriving here, and now I really can't feel any of the ones that see fit. All I'm feeling is the my life moving and the way I feel about being in it. The only things I want to plan for this week are eating and drinking. And a little snuggle time, since the weather is getting cold.

I'm going to be annoying and try and write a play-by-play of my last days. Well, see how many days go by before I realize I'm sitting in my bed in Texas connected to the internet and no longer able to walk across the street and buy bread and milk. Hmm. Strange.




I've decided that banana-chocolate chip pancakes and Jamie Lidell are a wonderful way to begin your Friday morning slash afternoon. Especially when you have nothing but a care in the world. I realize that my extreme happiness in this world is probably stabbing you with a spoon. I also realize I'm a much better writer when I'm bitter and cynical, but I tried those emotions and they just don't work right now. Maybe it's the company I keep. Just so damn wonderful. This happiness has become so infectious that I've begun singing on the street and slightly skipping to the beat under my headphones.

I don't have departure on my mind. I've come to the conclusion that it's better to leave all that emotional baggage for the taxi driver to the airport. What a wonderful experience for him that will be. But my housemate was telling me that they don't let crazies on planes, so I'll have to compose myself before take off.

I'm officially finished teaching English. Thank god. I wasn't doing a disservice to this world or anything, it's not like I was shaping young minds, but I was simply dissolving in boredom. Now, in just a few months I will enter into a career that I couldn't be more excited about. I love chemicals that make your water taste like orange drink, and I want to sell it to you for breakfast. Mmm. Drink it up.

Lots of besos.



Me encantan tus ojos, mi amor!

It's been a few weeks since my last update, but really what been going on isn't very interesting. Just a few lessons on latin love juggling, empanada eating, a substantial collection of payment for "transportation coverage" from my internship, the cooking of: chocolate chip cookies, veggie stir fry with asain fried rice, chili, potato-spinach tarta, apple pie and chocolate banana pancakes; the turning on of heaters, a few free concerts in the park, one new pair of funky purple boots and, last but not least, one circus act complete with people propelling from 20 story buildings and 1.5 tons of feathers released into the crowd. Other than that, really not a lot going on. Just a few thoughts on leaving and a few thoughts on returning.

Things never turn out how you expect them to. Like that apple pie I made yesterday. Deeelicious, and even looks like it's from out of a magazine. Didn't expect that. But lately I've felt the need to fill my life with only things that make me happy, and eliminate those things that require too much effort. So this past week, when I didn't feel like teaching, I played "sick," but of course Karma came and bit me in the ass for that, I fell ill a few days after that. No worries, there's nothing like a strong antibiotic to cure anything. I must be careful with my words. With only a few fingers and toes left to count down the days I really have nothing to loose. As we get older we have to realize that choices we make are how to keep ourselves happy. and how to react to those things that which we can not control is how we keep our sanity.

Buenos Aires, I'm starting to feel like this is goodbye. and I'm not quite sure how to feel.