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Me encantan tus ojos, mi amor!

It's been a few weeks since my last update, but really what been going on isn't very interesting. Just a few lessons on latin love juggling, empanada eating, a substantial collection of payment for "transportation coverage" from my internship, the cooking of: chocolate chip cookies, veggie stir fry with asain fried rice, chili, potato-spinach tarta, apple pie and chocolate banana pancakes; the turning on of heaters, a few free concerts in the park, one new pair of funky purple boots and, last but not least, one circus act complete with people propelling from 20 story buildings and 1.5 tons of feathers released into the crowd. Other than that, really not a lot going on. Just a few thoughts on leaving and a few thoughts on returning.

Things never turn out how you expect them to. Like that apple pie I made yesterday. Deeelicious, and even looks like it's from out of a magazine. Didn't expect that. But lately I've felt the need to fill my life with only things that make me happy, and eliminate those things that require too much effort. So this past week, when I didn't feel like teaching, I played "sick," but of course Karma came and bit me in the ass for that, I fell ill a few days after that. No worries, there's nothing like a strong antibiotic to cure anything. I must be careful with my words. With only a few fingers and toes left to count down the days I really have nothing to loose. As we get older we have to realize that choices we make are how to keep ourselves happy. and how to react to those things that which we can not control is how we keep our sanity.

Buenos Aires, I'm starting to feel like this is goodbye. and I'm not quite sure how to feel.

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