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I'm So Bored With The U.S. of A.

It's purchased. May 25, 2009. I picked the seat next to the window. Even when traveling in the dark of night, it's nice to have other things to look at besides the miraculous person next to you who can sleep on planes.
I had not been aware that people may not take me seriously about this trip, until today. It was suggested that maybe I'm rich. Hardly. And I don't wish. It's been suggested that I'm running away. I'm a little old to be taken seriously on a milk carton. Suggestions that maybe I don't want to accept reality or responsibility for life. Portions could be true, but not whole reasons for going. Responsibility is defined differently for every person.
All these suggestions led me to one conclusion. This is my decision. I want to go to Buenos Aires. After that there's the finalization of typing in a few numbers. Clicking a few "Continue" buttons. And there you go. Flight itinerary e-mailed to you. See you in Argentina.

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  1. WWOOOOOOO! I'll see you there then..because I'm heading down that way in January (i hope) maybe even in BA!