Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Translate this, Sarcasm.

I leave in two weeks. I would like to say that my Spanish hasn't improved since I got back from Chile, but let's be honest my 5 minute conversations with the cleaning lady every two weeks isn't even a mild contribution. In other news my nail-biting habit has returned and transformed my momentarily feminine hands into stumpy bits. I wouldn't exactly say that it's all out of nervousness, it's just proof that my resistance to physical change is forever challenged by my bad habits.
It's been decided that I will teach English as a second language while I'm in Buenos Aires. Exciting, since I'm so nice and patient with children. And I love English. They should teach sarcasm as a elective in College. It would be beneficial to those who don't find comfort in straight faces and harsh reality. That's the only things about when you're learning a new language. Sarcasm, it doesn't translate well. So I'll have to learn to be funny in a different way, which probably won't work out very well. This means I'm appologising ahead of time if I come back from Argentina with a dull sense of telling jokes. Or maybe I'll work on a method of telling stories that doesn't last half-an-hour.
Once my Spanish gets better I'd like to get a job working somewhere more authentic. Maybe like a Buenos Aires gift shop.

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