Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


In reference to your application, you are currently under review and we will get back to you when we know anything.

With all the unemployment problems going on in this world you'd think I'd have more applications for a lover. Seems as though Argentina's hiring process requires a little bit more recruiting. The closest thing I've come to any Latin romance lately was spying on my neighbors making out for ten minutes before they closed the curtains. When did Argentina get so modest?

Making friends in Argentina has proven to be more difficult than originally planned. I suppose it doesn't help that I unconsciously developed a small crush on my only friend. Then I come to find out that I accidentally put his application in the wrong pile. Apparently not everyone is interested in applying.

But next week I begin my 'danza' classes. It should be exciting. I plan on intensively studying Spanish this week so I at least have an entire paragraph of things to talk about with new people. Mostly I'm going to stick with the basic topics: what people are doing here, have they taken dance class before, do they like to drink wine, where are they from, are they willing to be my friend aside from the fact that I can only discuss a baby's handful of topics.

My next challenge to try to make a joke in Spanish. It's very strange because when I speak my baby bird's nest of sentences in Spanish I'm like this other person. The Elise that speaks Spanish.....and not very well. I have to say I'm not in love with the Spanish speaking Elise, she's a little awkward, and she doesn't say much, I mean she doesn't even laugh at the right jokes. In due time they say, puede ser. puede ser.

Spring is coming, spring is coming, I say! The weather has been gorgeous lately. Not that I could ever really complain about winter here, it's so mild. That only means one thing though, it's gonna be hot in the summer. And this is South America, and by that I mean apparently they're not firm believers in air conditioners. I'm not really sure what all that non-sense is about, but I'm just going to enjoy my 63 and sunny for now.

Well, my Argentine holiday weekend is coming to an end. Back to the teaching mill this week. Ready to shape suceptible minds with the wonders of the English language.

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