Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Otro mes.

Persistence is key in this country. I mean you could go as far as to say that a small amount of harassment does the trick. I’d rather not group myself as a ‘harasser’ I teach young minds the wonders of the English language, and I don’t want anyone getting any ideas. So about six or, just to make the story better maybe even eight weeks ago my iPod has a little malfunctioning problem. I chalk it up to the fact that it wasn’t used to how the waves links run on this side of the equator. Needless to say, it was all in good timing, the day before my warranty expired. So I took it, and my bad Spanish, over to the iPod store here in Buenos Aires to get a little work done, pro-bono. They said it would take only three weeks, well I was naïve back then and I thought, “Wow, three weeks that’s great.” Now I know better than to trust an Argentine with a time frame. After a few pop-in visits from me and my continuously broken Spanish, a few terribly written e-mails, one back-up woman, and about seven and half weeks my iPod is safely in my attuned ears. It’s a wonder how much better a 30-minute commute is with some music.

In other news, I attended my very first Socialist Party fiesta after being here for almost two-and-a-half months. How you ask? Well a small amount of what I like to call “confidence”, two Frenchman, and an average amount of curiosity. Who knew that The Socialist Party threw birthday parties with laser lights, amazing DJs and cheap beer? Oh and allows anyone to come, I suppose it is the Socialist Party.
I’ve been feeding my addiction of curiosity by spying on our neighbors. Last weekend my roommates and I spent our Friday night eating epañadas and sipping on cheap wine by candlelight, as to not be suspected by neighbors. We have names for the most interesting ones, usually pertaining to tasks that they do frequently, ie. Pinky (always wears a pink shirt), Ironing Boy, Phone Boy, Computer Boy, Teaser Boy, Gay Boy, Dancing Lady, Naked Lady and Masturbating Man. As you can see there are a lot of men that live in that complex. Most of the time we find the dullness of their lives more interesting than they do. But it’s like bird watching, if you turn away for even just a second you may miss one of the most migrating patterns known to man. In fact it’s better than bird watching, because their not birds, their people that you don’t know who have real lives that you get to spy on for free. Who needs cable when I’ve got this?

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