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estoy buscando.

I'm going to try really hard to not eat 500g of pepas and galletitas this week. I mean I'm doing OK so far, I've only eaten three pepas today. And a spoonful of dulce de leche. oops. It's all Argentina's fault. So there's my ration for today. I guess I'll be eating yogurt for dessert. I bought this apple flavored fruit concentrate today... I'm sure it's completely full of sugar (lie I tell myself: but you mix it with 90% water) however it's going to be my substitute for at least a few 100 grams of galletas.
I don't why all of sudden I can't help myself from the desserts. If I keep talking about desserts so much someone is going to have to come down here and give me an intervention.

In other news, not pertaining to any sort of mouth watering morsel, I will be moving next month. For financial reasons I've had to cut out a lot of things....obviously one of them not being dulce de leche. But again, this isn't about food. I'm looking at a few different options. For about a third of what I'm paying now I can move into a hostel that is in a great location and has good accommodations. To be able to save two thirds of what I pay now, which is average rent for foreigners, would be amazing for my budget. I'm almost considering it, even if does mean giving up some privacy. I'm also going to look at different place tomorrow, similar to what I lived in before. So we'll see.

In December, Argentines decide it's too hot to do anything too strenuous, this includes speaking English for one hour a week. So much effort during the summer holidays is seen unnecessary. Why would you want to do more than go to the beach? Therefore I'm going to take some time to travel around the country. On Thursday, I was able to get out of the city for a few hours. I went to Tigre, about an hour outside the city. I almost forgot what it's like to not be surrounded by tall buildings, constant rush of cars and pollution. I suppose I need more balance. Something this city doesn't have too much of. It's a city of stop and go. Fast and slow. Busy and deserted. And the men, too. Hot and cold. But much to my benefit they're usually quite good looking. Quite good looking, I say. sigh.

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