Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Post iPod stress disorder

Day 1 without iPod: Forced to subject myself to the sounds of The Jonas Brothers in the line at the supermarket. But on the upside that I did discover that they have laundry detergent with names like "a day in the park," "dancing under the rain," and "walking around petals."

Day 2 without iPod: Still in denial stages of the death, but I did receive sympathy from my new student--and a story about how he turns his iPod up whenever he's walking down the street and men cat-call at him. Surprisingly the story made me feel better, well....laugh.

Day 3 without iPod: Walked the streets having to listen to every man in the construction, service and homeless-man industry whistle, cat-call, and shout various displays of shallow affection towards me. I'm in serious wonderment of how long that's been occurring without my recognition. Upside: I can actually hear when my phone rings now.

I'm sure days 4, 5, 6 and 7 will all continue with more of the same. Should you wonder as to why I'm counting the days without an iPod? It was stolen, of course. This, amongst other perils currently in progress in my life, is the result of my naive spirit to think that people are trustworthy and not greedy. Pero, por favor, continuamos.

In other news. I had my first official Buenos Aires break-down. I saw the dark hole. I crawled in the dark hole. I wallowed there for a few hours. I cried my little eyes out, consuming an entire pack of extra suaves pañuelos. Then. I sobered up. Stood up. Slapped myself in the face. Reminded myself why I want to be here. And made some changes.

Now that that's all out of my system. I can focus on what I should be doing. Enjoying myself. Tonight I will go see a play for free at the culture center where I take dance classes. Then tomorrow I have a language exchange with someone. This weekend I will do something to enjoy the fact that Spring is coming. Who knows. Who knows what.

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