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After 4.5 months you too can see the wonderful benefits of BAires!

I haven't made the slightest of efforts to make myself up today. This includes reaching into my 'intimates' basket and putting on a bra. Nope, not even that. But I did slip on some socks. This is my reward. I've been working a lot, kinda, and this is something my body would appreciate. My bed also likes the company. I never did this kind of thing when I was living at home, or even in college, unless I was hungover. There was always this feeling of obligation to do something, get something done. Or, because I worked on the hellish schedule of retail, I normally worked weekends. But now. now. I've figured it out. Enjoying life really isn't that hard, there's plenty of opportunity for this. The secret is that you must allow yourself to enjoy it.

Sadly, I don't have any extremely interesting collectivo stories for this week. Everyone seemed to maintain themselves this week, in regards to public transportation. Probably because all the freaks were protesting something instead selling packs of pens and begging for loose change on the subte. But I did practically get harassed by one of the men passing out flyers on the streets. I'm not ever sure what these men and women are selling on these flyers. All I can ever make out is a half-naked man or woman. I try to keep my eye contact to a minimum with them and murmur a low, 'no gracias,' usually a simple shake of the head will do the trick. I refuse the offer not because I'm not curious of what the paper says, but because I know that it will eventually, after weeks of collecting dust with bus ticket stubs, end up being thrown away. So instead of prolonging the poor paper-soul's life, I just deny it's existence. This method works on several levels here. One night I was amazed to see that this form of wasteful archaic marketing occasionally gets received: A clean-cut, well dressed guy, around my age, pulls out a flyer with a picture of a naked girl on it, it had been stuck on the edge of a street sign. He examines it as though he's just seen an offer for free groceries for a month. At this point I'm stunned that someone actually takes two glances at these things, then he proceeds to the nearest pay phone, and props up the flyer on the phone booth, and starts to dial. This country is always full of surprises.

This week Miss Lindsey Darrah will pay a visit with her friend Anna. This is partly why I'm saving all my energy. I'm going to have them experience the full benefits of Buenos Aires. Of course, since this is a nocturnal city, we will have to make sacrifices in the sleep department. All of this is for a beneficial cause. Argentina's economy needs your American dollars.

And....The Megan and Elise duo will be tearing up Buenos Aires starting in late 2009 throughout May 2010. Get ready.

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