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what the hell...

...Is this weather? I'm dying. And as sexy as the people are here, no one can pull off the sweat stain look. No one. But instead of complaining about the hot weather for the next few months while all you bitches in the northern hemisphere brag about changing leaves and sweaters, I will be attempting to make you jealous with my Argentine Summer. It's the season that speaks the same language in every country, and everyone knows there's nothings sexier than a summer.
Rumor has it that they have their own southern hemisphere version of the West Nile virus. And since I'm convinced that the fear of seasonal diseases stems from the same evils that created greeting card holidays such as Valentines Day, I'm sure this country will make an even bigger deal of West Nile virus than they did with the swine flu.

Obviously, the weather has brought out some dumb choices for clothing, too. Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that read, in English, 'First drinks, then sex?' Really, dude? Really? And the classic half-unbuttoned shirt is ever so popular with the business men. I haven't quite figured out if it's done out of laziness or fashion, but honestly it makes me laugh so much I don't care what the motive for it is because it makes every man look gay.

Halloween is apparently a made-up holiday that The U.S. celebrates in order to make children fat and exploit the convicted child molester that lives on your block. Buenos Aires is much too distrustful of their neighbors to ever celebrate in such a way. After explaining the holiday to a few of my students, one replied, "...that would never happen here. If someone knocked on my door dressed in a freak costume, I would come to the door with a knife." Case and point. Argentina sleeps with one eye open and apparently a weapon close by. Is this Texas? So there's no need to get excited about a holiday that has no meaning here because no one is going to empathize with you by dressing up like an idiot. But Thanksgiving. That's a whole other story. I don't care what Argentina says. I will have my stuffing. And cranberries. And turkey. Even though I'm pretty positive all three of those things are non-existent here. I will have my Dia de Gracias.

News. News. In the past five months there was talk of me leaving early. Or, originally, leaving the first of March. Now, I will officially be staying here an entire year. I've extended my plane ticket to stay until May 23, 2010. Before you get any ideas, I'm not staying because I've fallen madly in love with some sexy Argentine man. The past five months have flown by. I couldn't be happier and not because of someone else, but because of me. There's something about this place, it's intoxicating. Once you have a taste, you want more and you don't want to stop for the fear that you'll wake up and find out it was all a dream. There are things to worry about in life, but one of them shouldn't be how you will enjoy it.

Dale. Dale.


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