Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.



It's all winding down. Or more, gliding down on a steep mountain side. I've had to set my Steromood to things like "soft" and "calm" and "breathe in deep" just so that I can feel some sense of balance and quiet.
I'm stressed. But [not] out of control. I haven't had to break down and start crying in the shower, at least not yet.
Office Max rough presentations are Wednesday with our instructors, with the real one to follow a week from that date. The school is closed for four days this weekend, it's apparently a holiday for the rest of the individuals in this country. So, instead of heading out to the Minnesota State Fair or basking in the 70 degree weather this weekend, I'll be sitting at a cafe in front of my computer. How exciting!
The reality is, I'm not sure if I'm more freaked out at the pressure to finish this f*ing portfolio or to look for a real job. I suppose the motions will be followed through regardless.

So my life until September 9th at 12pm will be my portfolio and the Office Max presentation. Any further concerns should be directed to my cell phone.


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