Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Whoa! Where in the world is elise wyatt?

New York. I know, I know. New York? You may ask, "I thought you were going to Chicago? Wait. Are you in Argentina still? I thought you were in Miami? Did you live in Minneapolis or something?" Me too, No, Miami Ad School OF Minneapolis, and Yes. So now that that's all out in the open, I should quickly update you. The Office Max pitch ended up going quite well. Our team won the pitch and received a generous high-five. I've recently been informed that both the Mall of America and Jimmy Kimmel client work our team put together received awards at Miami Ad School. I might even say that deserves a hug.

Now onto what's happening in the job-hunt. To keep it short, I went to Chicago for agency tours, but I didn't seem to have much luck. No one seemed to be hiring and I was having crying breakdowns almost every day. I came to New York to visit Megan and suddenly something happen. I had two interviews in one week. And I was invited to the Planning-ness conference here in New York.
I started writing people and people were writing back with other things to say than, "Sorry, but we're not hiring anyone at the moment, but keep looking." After much debate and changing of flights [twice] I have given myself until Nov. 12 to find something.
"Looking for a job is a full-time job," is an overused phrase that I want to punch in the throat every time I hear it. But. It's true. If I didn't dedicate the time I have been to looking for jobs and networking I wouldn't be having the luck I'm having. Plus, this city loves me and I love it back, which helps. I'm falling lustfully in love with this city, making it hard for me to want to look into other cities. Even though I should be more open.
I'm going to follow the leads I currently have and I'm building a pretty good network for only have been here less than three weeks.This process can't last too long because I can see myself getting to the point where the thoughts trail to, alright let's get this shit over with already.
But the good thing is that people are willing to help out. And I mean really help out. Like give leads and drop names, email, meet for coffee, beer, whatever. They want to help. Maybe it's because people who have gotten jobs in New York know how hard it really is, but also how awesome it is to live here.
I'm excited. I'm eager. I'm broke. So, I say let's do this!

I have to give a huge shout out to my befri, Megan. Without her I couldn't be where I am today. Literally. I'm sleeping on her couch for free.

As far as what happens if I don't have a job by November 12. Well, we'll address that issue when/if we get there.



  1. my favorite part . . . "a generous high five" . . . good stuff.

  2. I like your shirt involving buns. It pleases me.