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Come one come all. It's asado time!

So I've been in my house almost a week now. Socialization is more frequent, although I've decided the worst time to force me to speak Spanish or 'castellano' as they call it here, is when I first wake up. Especially without a cup of coffee. Understanding is proven harder than I thought. I live with two Colombians, a Peruvian guy, an Argentine guy and a Welsh girl. The accents in Spanish are very different, which is great for learning, but crappy for someone who has to nod and smile frequently.

The only situations that do not require a translator are eating and playing Wii. Yes, Wii. One of the owners of the place I'm living is from the US, and he brought his Wii with him. Genius! I scored a 225 in bowling,the other night. I even gave my little Wii character a mustache, so now some people in the house call me "Freudaline". I'm not sure how I should feel about that. I'm pretty sure I should sweep in there anonymously and change my moustache into side burns. I'd rather be called a dike than associated with a dictator.

It's embarrassing, but I didn't wake up today until 3pm today. Being a normal routine for Argentines on Sunday, it didn't make me feel guilty. Although, when I went outside finally at 4:30p (an hour and a half before the sun sets) it felt as though it was morning. That's when you know you're living the Argentine lifestyle.

Last night the house had an asado, which is the Argentine word for barbecue. It was for a girl that just moved in and me. Beef here is so cheap! It's amazing. Even as the economy inflates the government still regulates the price of beef so that it's cheap and affordable for everyone. You can get an eight-twelve ounce steak for about $10 USD in a restaurant, it's amazing. Of course there are no problems with anemia in this country.(I'm actually not sure about that).

I've seen a lot more of the city this week, too. A friend of some friends is in town, and since I'm not working I have a plethora amount of time on my hands. I'm hoping this will change in the weeks ahead. I'm about to finish my TEFL, and I have a few job leads that have been located through the classifieds. I'd really like to eat, so this is motivation in itself.

Even though I woke up halfway through the day, I'm ready to go to sleep again. That's what an afternoon at the San Telmo market, an Argentine parrilla and bar will do to you, besides make you love your life.

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  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    ok so are the colombian people that live with you guys or girls? If they are guys, watch out because they have a way to swoo girls (I know I misspelled that) but they are too much fun. Sounds like everything is going well for you!