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¡Es Flag Day!

So today is Flag Day in Argentina, naturally everything is closed in order to honor this wonderful holiday. This country will make any excuse for another day to go out and party. That's just what me and some of my house-mates did. I mean, really what else is there to do in order to celebrate such a holiday? Since, I refuse to carry around my guide-book with me, all the time, we were absent minded in searching for a boliche to go to. Finally we stumbled upon one with red lights. So pretty. But we should have known by the long-blonde-haired tranny what we were getting into. I really thought the gay boys in Argentina would be a little bit bolder in their dancing styles, but it was more self-conscious than a middle school locker room.

This past week swept on by, without much of a notice. I kept busy looking for jobs, working on my TEFL and attending Spanish tutoring. Tomorrow afternoon I have a job interview for a position at a English institute. It seems promising, so let's keep our thoughts on the upside. I love rice and all, but I'd like to vary my diet. There's no giving up the vino, so we have to make some sacrifices.

Last week a friend and I went to La Bomba, it's a drum show put on by one the cultural centers here in Buenos Aires. There's nothing quite like 800 plus people in a giant warehouse, watching people from all over play African drum beats. There's always so much going on in this city, it amazes me. The culture center's here offer classes of all kinds, I'm thinking about taking one. Even if I can't understand everything I'll meet new people and it will help improve my Spanish a lot. What do we think about tango classes?

I'm a little stressed out about money lately, so some job leads and interviews is what I need to make this week run a little smoother. Moving to such a huge city is a big decision in itself, and the language barrier is getting a little bit of the best of me. I mean it's great to know people here that speak English, but it's not as helpful for my learning. So my goal this week is speak Spanish more.

On that note.
Ciao Ciao.

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  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Tango? Definitely!!

    How did the interview go? Sounds like you're experiencing lots of new cool things!

    Love, Heather