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El primero día del invierno.

First day of winter here in South America. Woke up to sunny and 55 degrees. Surely it will get colder, but if it didn't no complaints here. But I'm sure all of you sweating your balls off in Texas would trade my weather for yours any day. I wouldn't. I like my weather and you can't have it.

"Estoy enferma," I've been using this phrase a bit too much this weekend. I came down with my first Argentine cold. That's right, now my body contains genuine made in Argentina germs. If only I caught it from a celebrity I could sell my cold on e-bay. I feel as though it's partially to blame because there are no signs in the bathrooms saying that employees must wash their hands before returning to work. I expect to make a swift recovery, because only minute ago it scored myself an authentic Argentine cold remedy consisting of cloves, tea and honey. ¡Que rico!

Yesterday, I had Spanish tutoring with Alonso. I'm not sure I've told you about my tutor. He hales from Spain. I meet with him for two hours three times a week. It's weird to have a personal tutor. I've never received one-on-one help before; it's a different way of learning. It's also dificult to be judgmental of yourself because you have no one else to compare your progress against. So I'm trying to be competitive but I have no one to compete with except verb conjugations.

Good news though, I have work. I have orientation next Friday morning for the job with Pensairs Corporate Training, I'll be going into companies here in Buenos Aires. The other teaching company I'll be working with is with a woman who runs her own teaching school. I'll go to the students houses or workplace and teach. I'll be starting this week in that company, I have about 7 hours for the week.
It seems like I have the potential here to stay pretty busy, but I'm not all that sure about making the bucks. The US Dollar and Argentine peso are slowly sliding against each other, currently at 3.7 to 1USD, while this is great for travelers and spending US dollars, it sucks for making money.

¡Happy Father's Day to all you papís!

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  1. yay! on the job front..and getting sick is one of the delights of foreign travel.