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Meg and I have been a little mislead about the facts supporting our visit here in the remote Uspallata, Argentina. While beautiful and remote, nestled between the edge of the mountains and a nice mountain stream, it´s lacking in it´s helpfullness and honesty. We didn´t end up booking the hostel online, just walking in, so if this entry begins to feel more like a hostel review than an entry....appologies. Also there isn´t a spell check on this, so there will most likely be a lot of spelling errors. We were lead to believe that our trip to La puenta de Inca would take all day, but appon arriving we imediately were confused if were at the right place. Does a small bridge take all day to visit? Maybe. But I think not. So Meg and I found a tour group that was leaving from the bridge site and was going to visit a Christ statue on the top of a mountain. What Catholic doesn´t love that shit? Juan, our driver for the day. Took us to see the tallest peak in Latin America and, of course, we made friends with some of the older couples on the tour. We love new friends.
We came back this afternoon and I waded in the near by stream with a new doggie friend. Such as life. I´m sure the hostel won´t be vegetarian friendly...last night meg´s option was milenesa de carne and salad. And I´m not sure we feel like walking a 1k to the nearest ¨store.¨ I´m starting to notice that I´ve been living in a big city for a while. Hmmm. But I don´t miss BA, just yet.
We´re off to Santiago tomorrow. Crossing boarder patrol should be fun. Vamos.

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  1. sounds like you were pretty disappointed.... but I know how that goes. I felt that way in Humahuaca since we couldn't visit the quebrada de Humahuaca (just south of the Bolivian border). I'm going to keep reading though to see what amazing adventures you're having. When you two get back I want to have a welcome party!!! if you guys have energy for that, that is. besos