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un viaje.

I'm vaccinated. No yellow fever for this lady. Now I'm ready for our viaje. Meg and I leave on Sunday.

In case you're curious what I'll be doing for the next month while my entries will be scarce to non-existent.
We'll start off in Mendoza, Argentina spend a few nights out there in the mountains and wine country , then head to Santiago, Chile for a few days. Take a bus up to the north in the Atacama Desert and breath in some sand. From there we will enter into Peru and Lake Titicaca. We'll spend a day or two on the lake and head to Bolivia. This is where all the real excitement starts. We have an attentive plan mostly making sure we see the pink dolphins, anacondas, crocodiles, salt flats and join the mile high club in La Paz. We'll make our way back down and head through Salta and Jujuy.

I really couldn't be more excited. The city feels desolate and isolated this time of year. All the Argentines are on vacation. And since I live the vida argentina I will be doing the same. But I can afford to head to Brasil so Bolivia (the cheapest country in South America) will just have to do.

My crafty thriftyness even found two slices of pizza and a drink for 6 pesos (1.50USD) today. But somehow I can't find a 2010 Agenda for less than 50 pesos (15USD). This is proof this country really does hate organization. And loves eating.


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