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Bolivia bolivia.

Arrived in La Paz, Bolivia this morning after a ten hour bus ride trough Bolivia. Buses in Bolivia. Like a ten hour massage chair. That you can get out of. Now around 3,700 meters off the ground I´m feeling a bit dizy. Life is colder and full lots of touristy things here in La Paz. But around eight dollars a night for a hotel room with a private bathroom. Sold! Wait I forgot to mention the Bolivian cable TV. What?! I love Bolivia. In reality, I really should put a limit to how many things I am allowed to buy....we´ll see how that goes. A two week festival starts tomorrow and there are lots of mini trinkets involved. baby llamas? Don´t think customs will mind.
I have been in the desert and salt flats of southern Bolivia for the last three days. This blog tends to keep the sarcastic mood but I would like to take a moment to write about how wonderfully beautiful this country is. A 12,000 square meter salt flat. Llamas with there cute little babycita llamas roaming the grounds of a lagoon. Thousands and thousands of flamingos. just hanging out. You know how I like the birds. Huge mountains of seven different colors. Really. It really can´t get any better.

So I´ll be in La Paz for a few days. Enjoy life my friends.


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