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Bolivia Uplivia.

Been in Bolivia a while. It's wednesday. I know this because my watch has a little tick next to the "WE" on it´s face. Apparently it's the 3 of February. When I filled out the paperwork this morning at the hostel that is what he told me. So, I've been in Bolivia for a couple weeks now? Time is so relative when you're traveling. You begin to clump them together as an itinerary. Well, I went there before there. So it must have been after that. Yeah. Who knows? All I know is that I've seen some pretty great things in the last few weeks of travel.
Meg and I just left the Amazon Basin. Near Rurrenabaque, Bolivia. We had a run of good luck adn were able to take a flight out. Even though upon seeing the actual plane I was slightly frightened by it's Barbie size. It held no more than 20 people and since a door to the cockpit would have just been silly, you felt like everyone was flying the plane. But not everyone has a pilot license dudes!
During our pampas tour I did participate in the unsuccessful hunting of anacondas, but I did not however choose to have the guide put a banana on my head so wild monkeys could eat off of it. Have you ever seen monkeys in the wild. Freaky. as shit.
The tour ended well. I have some funky tan lines and a few mosquito bites. Thanks 100% DEET! No Dengue for this one. I tried to get my mack on with the 6 foot 8 inch cutie in our group. But three days of pampas and sleeping in bunglos will have you wanting clean sheets and a shower more than anything.

After a plane ride and a 14 hour bus ride we're currently in Sucre. This next week we will try to fit as many 14 hour bus rides in as we can. Our plan is to be back in Buenos Aires in about a week. Still have Northern Argentina to discover! Let's see what this camera memory card can do.

Chau chicos!!



    You're going to love Northern Argentina. I would recommend purmamarca (then again if you've seen lots of hills with seven colors maybe it wont be worth it to you.. you can walk around the Hill of 7 Colors in Purmamarca, and the market is really cheap. probably not Bolivia cheap, but I loved it.) Salta is a great stopping point if you want to take some excursions, I recommend ziplining and rafting with SaltaRafting, that was a great trip. AND last but not least... if you can make it to Cafayate, it's a little town of 15,000 south of Salta. It is gorgeous, and I met the hottest guy I've ever met in my life there ;). lastly, I heard the national parks up north are really cool. I mean I'm not from a desert region so maybe it wouldn't be as cool to you but ya.

    enough ramblings on suggestions. Most of all I hope you and Meghan don't get bussed out! that's a lot of bussing but with how cheap it is, hell yeah I'd do it too. Can't wait to see all your pictures! take care chiquita, un besito

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Can't wait to see pictures of everything!! I think I also need a map of your travels to clear things up as to where you've been.
    Bisous (take that Spanish!)