Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


It takes more than...

This week has been a bit confusing for my body. First of all it went from mid morning rise n' shine to 7am alarm-slamming wake-up calls. In order to not only eat tuna and rice for the next three months I found it necessary to take any class offered to me, which is usually the 8am ones, well, because no one else wants those obviously. Nothing functions well in this country before 10am, so really during my morning commute it's just me, the street cleaners, a handful of crazies getting to work early, and drunks stumbling home from the night before. Really it's the only part of my day I don't get starred at profusely with laser-sharp eyes of old men. They must all be having their morning coffee then.

Meg and I joined the gym. Thus, leading to further confusion for my body. Cardio? Elise. I've refrained from joining a gym the entire time I've been here because I was under the illusion that they were expensive, when in fact this is the cheapest physical activity I've done the entire time. While on the bike, Meg and I engaged ourselves in our favorite pastime, Twenty Questions, but it wouldn't have been so weird if, a) I wasn't given a private stare-down from the, b) the gym wasn't the size of an average two bedroom apartment, c) filled with a sausage fest of vein hombres pumping iron. So I'll be purchasing an MP3 player this week, this will help avert the stares and the sounds of faint grunting.

On Monday, I spoke with the admissions director at Miami Ad School. After some confusion on the requirements for job experience I have decided to apply to the summer Account Planning Bootcamp in Minneapolis. I quickly went searching for an internship as some job type of agency experience is a requirement for the program. The process was faster than I expected: A simple email titled::Will Work for Free:: and an interview in Spanish (silent victory dance!!). ¡Listo! I landed myself a spot at Cactus Advertising. I'm not entirely sure what it is I'll be doing, I offered to lick stamps and file papers. But this operation seems a little bit more creative than those tasks. It's fifteen hours a week and I get travel expenses covered. This is one of the most exciting things I've started in a while. Getting back into my advertising box feels right. Now let's start my application.

This also means that I will only have to teach two 8am classes now. big smiles.

I feel some great things coming this way. Just when you're starting to doubt yourself. This world is funny.


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