Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


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I need more classes. Pronto. I'm getting bored. There's only so much internet time my mind allows. Leisure book reading in the park isn't as much fun when you gotta pack on the OFF! and sunscreen and you're still sweating bullets the entire time because that Dengue brochure lying on your floor haunts you every time a mosquito comes within twenty feet of your skin. Late Christmas gifts received from your Bestie in Denton are perfect for passing the time researching new music.
I mean I'm already broke, and there's no amount of complaining that will change this but the facts are these: I only have a few more months here in this country. I've been here for nine months. My roommates are leaving for three weeks. My creativity is lacking on the things to do.

Joining to the gym is definitely on the priority list. I want my arrival home to be like the season finale of those extreme makeover shows on E! Entertainment. Everyone is always crying cause the other person looks hotter than them. Or they're secretly jealous of their awesome new free wardrobe. I can never tell. Also,it's been raining a lot here lately. I'm not really sure how to handle this. It's making me a little sad on the inside. Mis ojos miss the sunshine. This is South America, not England. I already did that shitty weather gig.

Oh! I think the sun just made a shy slide into the open sky. I better get out my to-do list. I feel motivated. kinda.


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  1. Lol I love the extreme makeover part! Tranquila que lo importante es que regreses feliz!