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Land of vos

Back in Argentina. A world of paved roads and buses that don't break down in the middle of the night or have two flat tires. A land where I can drink the water without fear of contracting some crazy bacterial infection.

If I weren't completely travel exhausted and broke I would be relishing in more of Northern Argentina, but I'm currently out of resources considering that I bought everything I touched in Bolivia.

Tilcara was beautiful, and full of sexy Argentines on vacation. Salta is wonderful and less hectic than Buenos Aires, but with the nice Argentine flare. Tomorrow I am off to indulge in wine and delcious scenery in Cafayate.

My boss emailed me, and I'm back to the teaching mill on Monday. So let's enjoy it while it lasts. Exhaustion is saying otherwise, sadly.

Back in the city con fotos by the weekend.


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  1. que buenooooo! I love Cafayate! rent a bike and bike around if you can, and make your way to the ice Miranda (something like that) Ice cream shop with red and white wine ice cream. and do some winery tours! Cafayate is just below Mendoza in wine production I think... anyways so glad you're having a great time! Hasta prontoooo