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cumpleaños de UU. EE. y gripe porcina

So first of all the hype of gripe porcina, swine flu, has gotten way out of hand here in Buenos Aires. It's ridiculous. Click here to see the laundry list of things that are being closed in Argentina because of it. There was talk of closing the night clubs and bars, but pahhlease. This is Buenos Aires, they'd have to be out of their minds to do that. And good thing because I partook in some dancing anoche.

I'm progressively getting more teaching jobs. Let's all get excited, because once I get some money coming in I can start taking classes at the culture centers. I've decided I would like to take a hip-hop or yoga class. My house had Yoga classes the other day. Yoga in Spanish is an interesting experience. Good thing I brushed up on my spanish vocab of human body parts. The best part was when the instructor called,"Elise....[insert something in Spanish I didn't understand]," and I looked up from my pose and everyone had moved on to the next position. Sometimes being in country where you can't understand people is like being deaf. You see that the mouths are moving but your not entirely sure what is coming out.
I will say this experience is making me a better listener. I mean let's be honest I float around a lot in my head. You'll be talking about how the walls are beautiful and I'm thinking, 'What happens when the collectivo (those are buses here in Argentina) drivers have pee and their on a route? Maybe that's why they're always pulling away before you can even step all the way off.' So, while I do often still wonder about various things such as that, I have been forced to reserve those thoughts to when I'm not trying to hang on every word of Spanish that is coming out of someone’s mouth. So not I just have to stop my brain from going, 'Oh GOD what was that last word. Shit. Can I pause this conversation and rewind? Did they just use empezar or encontrar? Why do they speak so fast!?,' while someone is speaking.
In due time. In due time.

Tomorrow I will celebrate the independence of Argentina. So many independences in one week. World, can you handle it?

Ciao Ciao.

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