Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Facts with a splash of opinion.

Fact. There have been many departures of North Americans out of EZE airport this week. I'm sure the airport security suspects something, they're very observant of the presence foreigners. Which leads to my wonderment of why several people have asked for directions from me this week. Well one person was a foreigner himself, asking me where the subte (that's the metro) was. Only to make my job easier, there was a sign directly in front of us. Because my Spanish is impressively better than when I first arrived I showed off my skills by informing him "obvio chico" we could see the subte from where we were.

Fact. My housemate, Victor, gave me a bunch of music this week. There's been a lot of James Brown and Jamie Lidell coming from my cuarto this past few days. Some may say they've heard a noise that sounds like a dying robot but I have no idea what they are talking about. No idea.

Fact. I move into my new place on Sunday with Alonso and his cousin Xavier (pronounced Savier in Spanish). And since it's not exactly 'legal' for Alonso to sublease the apartment to me so we've established myself as Alonso's girlfriend to Juan the doorman. This will be an excellent scandal if I ever meet myself a nice handsome Argentine man. But Juan looks like he enjoys a good scandal. And really who cares about legalities in Argentina? Not Argentines, apparently.

Fact. For now I'm saying ciao ciao.

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