Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Otra semana.

So things are good on the Southern front. Looks like gripe porcina has made it's way out like a bandit. We'll see if he returns. As I mentioned before schools were closed because of the pandemic and seeing as though a handful of my students are teenagers they have all become fairly unmotivated. Not that they ever need encouragement in that department. Let's take today for instance, it's Monday, not much going on, but I had to take a 35 minute plus bus ride out to this girl's house and when I got there, no está. ¿Por qué? You ask. No sé. I'm hoping since it is such a beautiful day her excuse is a good one, like she valued her intake of vitamin D more than learning English. Or her friend's dog was just having way too much fun catching the Frisbee she couldn't bare to make him stop. I still get paid, though.

In other exciting news. I officially found my favorite cookie in Buenos Aires. Bon o Bon tres. I got my first paycheck. Now, I won't be breaking the bank with this one, but I can maybe buy more bread and rice. I made a new friend. She works for two of the institutes that I work for teaching English as well. My mother sent me a package last week so I've had a wonderful week sleeping with my dinosaur that she sent me. I've also been staring at photos of my doggggiesss that were in the box, too.

On Friday, my tutor had me speak in Spanish for 45 minutes. Let's be honest though, I probably made a record for how little can be said in a 45 minute period and it still be considered a 'conversation.' It's word constipation when you're learning. There's so much you want to say but it just won't come out. Sometimes not even with the mental laxative, alcohol.

Last night I went to this club with live music with my housemate, Victor. On Sundays they hold jam sessions and play mostly funk and soul. It was 'black music tribute' night so who better to put on the cover of the flyers other than Michael Jackson himself? Circa 1984 Thriller video. I love how versatile the offensiveness of advertising is.
Victor and I both found it enjoyable that we found a place in Buenos Aires that appreciates different types of music besides cumbia and reggaeton . It's a rare gem here in South America so when you find it, you gotta hold on to that puppy.

¡Hasta luego!

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