Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


You never fail.

Yesterday, I saw a man trying to hail a garbage truck, what I can only imagine he thought to be a bus. At least one hopes. Of course yelling at the garbage men for not being collectivo drivers is taking the situation a little too far, dude.
It must be crazy week. This morning some older lady stopped on the sidewalk to yell at me "HELLO" in English. Something I only hear from drooling men staring at my chest, and surprising not interested in learning anymore words in English. Unless, they come before words like "yes, please" or "tell me more."

Tonight will continue the new tradition Meg and I have of Thursday Night Dinner. I feel like I'm cheating a little bit on my original Thursday Night Dinner that I used to have with Liz in college.

But it's nice to have a little bit of stability in this city, especially when you deal with the crazies I have been dealing with.

The girl that sits across from me at my internship has a cookie jar on her desk. The problem is that her desk is my desk. She's my desk buddy, if you can say that. Frequently, she will stick her hand in there and eat a cookie. Everytime she does this my hand wants to jump out and snatch the damn cookie from her. and eat it.

The other girls in the office usually play terrible 90s mixes on their computers for the whole office to hear. Yesterday featured Whitney Houston's, "I will always love you." Including a sing-along. People would agree it's one of the best international hits to play in the work place...besides "whoop! There it is" Nothing is better than that.

My roommates are coming back next week. I'm really excited. The "fourth roommate" and I have been in the tiny apartment alone together for weeks now. I'll go days without seeing him, but I know he's home because sometimes I see that the bathroom floor is wet. Or there are food stains uncleaned on the stove. Sometimes, just sometimes, the door will be cracked open. And even though I can't see him, I'm comforted that some fresh air is breezing through the dark cave.

I've completed to two of my application questions. Only eight more and a video. Because of my inherent ability to procrastinate I've told myself the deadline is actually 10 days before the real one. But shhhh don't tell my brain, he's convinced.

Also, updates on my attitude: I'm getting excited to come home! I'm already planning a trip up to North Texas for about a week to hit all those cool peeps in the Denton, Dallas and Ft. Worth area that I haven't seen since pre-South American experience. Don't worry Austin-ites I'll be muy cercita de vos.

Chau amigos.



  1. I want a dinner night with you when you return so I can hear more stories!

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    You have to make a video too for the appliction? They better appreciate the work you put into this!


  3. Heather, you have no idea. This is the craziest application I've ever been a part of. But it will be so worth it, if I get in!