Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


APU is for you.

So apparently the Account Planners at Miami Ad School have taken upon themselves to organize and elect a president for a "Account Planner Union." I myself have never been a huge fan of the organized union. But I do however support free speech. I suppose in the long run I'm too positive and passive (if that combination ever sounded so imperfect?) to really organize complaints about anything. Except maybe if they decided to stop selling cheese and wine. There's a cause to fight for.

I pulled the famous "I'm a single woman" move today and bought myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers today at the Minneapolis Farmers Market that is held every Thursday downtown. Also, a friend of mine who works at the zoo took me for a free look around at what Minneapolis animal kingdom has to offer. There was four inches of glass between me and a 300lb swimming grizzly bear. And I realized that I could spend hours watching turtles swim. They're just so cool looking.

Our first presentation was last night. Our team, appropriately team named Gryffindor, presented a campaign for Dunkin Donuts. After a few slides of superman and the statue of liberty and the creative giving their speech it was over. Quick and dirty. That's how I love presentations. especially when they are sin powerpoint. I'm feeling a little rough with presentations and getting back into the game. I just need to push myself into it.

So I'm currently too exhausted to constructively talk about anything else.


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