Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


WEEK 4. The drama gets hot.

note: thoughts and explaintions in this blog are opinions. And also may come typed out incoherently.

The director of the school gave her notice on Monday that Friday (tomorrow) will be her last day. Although, the reason for quitting wasn't based on a problem she had with the school, but really just the problem with the proximity of her house and the location of the school. But, it really couldn't have come at a worse time.

The Duck, Duck, Goose class (the one with all the presentations...yeah that one) in effect was stepped in by corporate (aka: head office honchos in Miami) and evaluated and "re-instructed." Allow me to explain. Apparently, Miami Ad School of Minneapolis isn't running the Account Planning bootcamp the way "things are done in the real world." Annnndddd because this phrase is so well liked by people in the claimed "pre-real world" this speech went over really well by the creatives and planners. Allow me to further clarify. Miami Ad School of Minneapolis Account Planning Bootcamp should make everyone loose sleep and work their asses off until September 10 at graduation, meaning, all work must be fully executed (example: f you have a TV commercial idea for a campaign you have to actually shoot the commercial) and presented in a professional manner. Says the man wearing black socks and shower sandals. I was also told that I can sleep when the break is over. Oh, and, also, not to forget, this is advertising. So, have fun.

Don't get my wrong. This is a great idea. And over-all it is going to create a better portfolio for me and the creatives. I'm all for better work. High five, go team! And I love the account planner I'll be working with as well as the copywriter and art director. In fact. We're a pretty bad ass team. I have no doubt that they can do the work. But, it's the middle of the quarter and course expectations are drastically changed? Oh, Miami Ad School. You're the bomb. diggity.

For the end of the course final presentation the school brings in a real client for us to produce work for. Our client this year is Office Max. Some suits are flying in tomorrow to give us a briefing on the situation and expectations for a campaign. The work that will come out of this will be presented to Office Max at a corporate level, and if they like it, they're able to use our ideas and work. Fo realz. That's what I'm talking about.

Our client presentation next Wednesday will be for General Motors. This was the most difficult brand situation yet. The assignment was to decide how General Motors could re-enter the market as a brand. This was an interesting client, given the shitter GM is in with it's customers and the general public. I'm not much of a "emotional" car owner, but I'm finding out that a lot of people are. Some people freaking love their cars. And they love their brand of cars. While my fascination for this could go on, you're already disinterested, and probably stopped reading after the first sentence.

On a final closing note. I'm alive. I haven't killed anyone, yet. And I've been cooking a lot. My housemates and I have officially famed another Thursday Night Dinner tradition. Another noteworthy solid move: I took myself to a $5 matinee to see Inception, which totally blew my mind with amazingness. And, no, I haven't seen Matrix to compare the awesomeness with, sorry.
Oh, and I cut my bangs with paper scissors.


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