Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


creative nonsense

Writing a blog while being in this program is proven to be more challenging than originally thought. This week has only had two days, but not having weekends means that the week really started...hmmm...three weeks ago? That's right, the bootcamp is already three weeks in the making.
I managed to keep my hands of Sharpie until this week, too. Since, I'm not a creative, I technically should never need to touch one. But in our Switching Sides class we put on the full right brained hat and step into the creative side's shoes. I particularly enjoy that class, especially since I've decided that my role in advertising stems from the fact that I am Smart Good Idea's biggest fan. There's nothing more I enjoy seeing than a few creatives getting together and putting ideas together. I mean some people get all excited about economics, love for German philosophers, animated superheros, or even sci-fi novels. Me? Really great ideas.

Tomorrow we present our creative for the Hennepin Central Library. My excitement for this can be expressed through the out pour of sarcasm in every one of these letters I've just typed. I never want to advertise a library ever again. And clearly neither does anyone else at Miami Ad School.

It looks like the APU did get a voice heard. The program director sent out a more thorough itinerary of the program today. Which is great, because I wasn't feeling stressed enough without further enforcement of how quickly things are going to go. But it does look like the school will be closed for the three days before our portfolio books are due. So, isn't that wonderful news?

In non-Miami Ad School related news, yes this is possible, the weather is absolutely lovely. Why can't Texas get it together. Highs in the mid-80s and over-night lows in the mid-60s. But I have heard that 'warm' spring temperatures are 32, 33 degrees. Fahrenheit. what. the. what?!

We'll see about all that non-sense.


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  1. i like the new background and format jazz. less abrasive. yay libraries!