Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Dipping in.

Dueling pianos with only 80s numbers. That's where the cheap drinks are in downtown Minneapolis on a Wednesday night. Introduction into Miami Ad School apparently includes a Pop-Rock shot courtesy of some seasoned art directors in the program. There shouldn't be too many questions why this field is so exciting.

Classes are kicking off well. The structure of the program is completely new to me. The classes are taught by professionals in the ad industry. So, it was first time since my freshman year philosophy class that I'd heard a teacher curse in class and have them call you by their first name. It feels good to be in a learning environment again, especially a more creative one.

Classes carry on throughout the weekend, so my only true 'day off' so to speak is Thursdays. Which will be a self proclaimed "laundry-food shopping" day.

I scored myself a free bike for a few months while I'm here. The people I'm living with are well connected, so it seems. The ride to school is about 3.2 miles through the nice and lovely industrial warehouse strip along the clap filled Mississippi river. Although, the summer heat isn't nearly as intense at Texas, but biking at least six-and-a-half miles each day is going to have me looking real hot. and sweaty. So I'll be keeping a dark chocolate bar and bottle of wine at my hands for nightly tuck-in. that or a cold beer.

I've decided that I'll probably end up explaining to people for the rest of my life exactly what it is that I do. I work in advertising. Then I suppose people can make there assumptions from there. Because when I start to explain account planning people automatically think numbers. And let's all be honest, I like to claim my fame to a lot of things, but numbers is a the bottom of that list.

So I'm not sure how much I will actually be blogging. Considering I've attempted to start writing an entry for almost a week now, I'm guessing not much. But maybe every once and a while you'll get a sentence. Statement and verification of my livelihood. maybe.

Alright folks.


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