Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Let's get down.

I walk out of my apartment hoping for that fresh morning breeze to accompany me like a cup of morning coffee, instead I get smacked with storm clouds of bus pollution. There goes a few more brain cells. Way to go public transit you've just done your part to continue global warming! (high five) And because I've traded being able to afford where I live with...well let's face it-- a neighborhood lacking the classiest of folks. Usually there are an abundant amount of teenage boys drinking liters of beer on the sidewalk--especially on the corner by the Chinese restaurant. This morning as I was stepping out, I had the pleasure of witnessing a large German Sheppard unloading his business on the sidewalk. Excuse me, would you like this morning's newspaper. No? Guess I'll go around.

I'm ready to spend so time away from the city for a little while. Meet fellow travelers. You never realize exactly how much you like a place until you leave it. So, let's test the waters Buenos Aires. Do I love you?

Let's go super cama on a 19 hour bus ride! (twice) Pictures and updates when I return.

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