Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


Tales of sweaty encounters

The signs are everywhere. It's getting hot in the city. We're all feeling it but should the homeless man sitting on the bench in Plaza de Mayo find it necessary to strip down exposing his sweaty sweaty balls for everyone to see? I didn't think so. What a treat that was.

It feels like a polluted sauna outside. Which is good when you're already late for a class and the elevator is taking forever, because you think, oh well, screw it, I'll just take the stairs. to the eighth floor. right. So I did. I took the stairs. After about the fourth floor is when I really started to regret the decision. Too late to turn back now, stupid. So by the time I got to the office I was breathing like I had just run a marathon and sweating like I was the actual sauna.

Between wearing sweat beads as jewelry and insect repellent as perfume this is going to be the sexiest summer of my life.

Christmas is just a couple days away. For most Argentines it's tomorrow. Most people celebrate at 12:00pm on Christmas Eve. Dinner, a game to exchange presents, and sometimes church are some of the normal activities for the evening. No one gets dressed up like Santa and stockings are not hung. I've seen one apartment decorated with twinkle lights, and it was probably a foreigner's apartment. It's not bad, but it just doesn't quite feel very "Christmasy." I suppose Christmas isn't Christmas unless Penny (my dog) is trying to eat the ornaments off the tree and Spencer (other dog) is barking at the oven all day trying to attack the ham. Of course my Mother's quiche. How I miss, thee. With no dogs trying to eat things that don't belong to them I suppose this Christmas will be less stress and more relaxing.

I think I may even go to Mass this Christmas.


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