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stupid is as stupid does.

I spent the day watching Forest Gump and The English Patient. Para. Para. My body told me. So I taught one class and put myself back into bed. Oh, yeah I went out and bought OJ and tortellini. Must think healthy. Must not get sick.

Normally I choose not to write when I'm feeling a bit down. But I always have to put on the happy face for my students at work and I don't know the people here well enough to show them my cranky side. So hello blog and the three people that read it. I'm going to be a little downer tonight. You can take it.

In general I'm a bit restless with my job, or lack-there-of. My work week is down to 5 hours. With loads of freetime and your room is the size of a closet, it can get to you. I'm not exactly sure why I'm complaining. I have a few friends. Great roommates. I went out a few times this week. I started taking Spanish classes again. I'm generally content with everything in the city, except the Dengue (which is just fun to say. try it.) scares and bus pollution.

Everyone wants to blame the holidays, but I'm not so sure. It doesn't feel like Christmas. When you have to lay flat on your bed only in your underwear to avoid sweating profusely in your sleep, and your swatting mosquitoes and wearing OFF! as perfume it's hard to get into the spirit of St. Nick. So I don't blame the holidays for my current foul mood, I honestly forgot they were around.

I'm pretty sure I know where this unpleasant mood has stemmed from, but given that it's a bit personal and I'm already a dumb fool for not seeing it in the first place, I would rather not discuss it. Just be angry.

Last night I had a dream in Spanish. I was speaking in Spanish when someone came up to me and told me that I was saying things wrong. Grammar police in my dream? En serio?

Maybe my lack of Yoga this week is making me feel this way. Also, I think the arrival of Meg will cheer me up.

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