Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.



So, by Tuesday I had already eaten empandas for two meals. in one day. I also threw some fugazetta and cured ham in there. Gave it a full on bad-eating week. I've got things on my mind. Mostly unimportant things that will weave themselves out of my life sooner than later. Some which will and cannot weave, nor would I ever dream it. And then sometimes I just think about things like not having to put my mattress on the floor anymore so I don't wake up with paralyzing back pain. Or never having my coffee taste just right because I'm forced to by pre-ground beans and strain my coffee by hand through a filter. Then there's the unmistakable news from Miami Ad School. Still waiting.
But the good news is, my coffee cup has resurfaced. yes. victory.

Really I'm just killing time because as odds have it I've been spending too much time around my inbox. But now I must go and earn an embarrassingly low amount of salary teaching adults English. Or rather, pretending to give a shit for an hour about something other than my personal life.


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