Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


playing the field.

Little things in our apartment keep disappearing. Not things that are mine, but things I like to use. When I drink my coffee in the morning I like to use a certain coffee cup. Not only does it help me feel grounded in my morning injection of caffeine but it's slightly bigger than all the other mugs. And a few ago it just disappeared. I have a theory that P-diddy (fourth wheel roommate) confiscated it and put it on a fancy shelf in his Palermo apartment of a bedroom...along with the griller that I loved to cook my meat on. He's a mystery, that one. Although, he did give me a chance to hold over 10,000 pesos in my bare hands. my bear hands.

Tonight, I treated myself to some alone time. An activity, I realized, that I haven't participated much in lately, except the time I spend on Fugi, which isn't really alone time. One of the museums was featuring silent films accompanied with live music. El gabinete del Dr. Caligari (1920). It was really interesting, even though I had to read the script in Spanish for an hour. I may or may not have shut my eyes for an extended period of time lasting more than 2 minutes. The music was telling the story for me anyways, so I didn't miss much.

This week I'm going to try and not eat as many damn empanadas as I did last week. Maybe just two meals out of the week instead of four. But it's not my fault everyone loves to make them. and that our [h]oven was fixed in our apartment and I wanted an excuse to use it. and that there was a concert in Recoleta, and everyone knows you can't go to Recoleta without eating empanadas at Sanjaunino. that's just a crime. Those blue cheese empanadas have nuts in them, and the guy at the counter always gives me extra and tells me things like, "well, for you we have that kinda today." but in Spanish, so it's sexier. obviously.

So many things are just sexier when they're said in Spanish.

I find out this week if I'm accepted into the Miami Ad School program. I haven't decided if I'm going to obsessively check my emails or if I'll make every excuse not to be around computers this week. I'm predicting that the former is much more likely to occur than the later. I just hope I'm not rejected over that one tiny little spelling error in my video that was pointed out by my non-native English speaking friend and overlooked by all the other natives that watched it. including myself. oh god.


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