Second Block Edition: Tales from Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. Location: Minneapolis, MN.


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It was a strange Sunday on the subte. First, there was a man was dancing barefoot on a cardboard box while balancing a suitcase full of clothes on his head. Later there was a dude with a crazy make-shift boom-box who wore old rags and mesh bags on his head while break dancing and doign head spins. Not to mention, the woman selling dual flash light/lighter contraptions. It was a shame that I was alone in all of these happenings, all I wanted to do was snicker and make some comment about these crazy dudes. And even if I had something clever today it wouldn't come out the same in Spanish. sigh. general language barrier frustrations.

Sietske (roommate) and I have been parading the city buying shit this weekend. She's good though, she won't let me buy any purses, but she has no restrictions for the amount of hair crap I want buy. Since my shoe size is impossible to find in any of the stores, I drool and support her in her purchases of gorgeous boots. But, I have an amazing pair of boots on the way that I had an artisan custom make for me. And in return for me using Sietske for her Spanish skills she uses me for my room/closet with a door. That's what roommates are for. That's what friends are for, too.

With only five weeks left I've been mentally preparing for my return home. My mind takes a few minutes to wrap itself around the idea. I haven't been living on Mars or gone for 20 years, but I have made a few self-changes and discoveries. Like now I know how to live without a microwave and brew coffee without a machine. Some of these I know will fit into my life at home perfectly and others will need some adjustments. Like driving a car a distance that I normally would just walk in the city. Then there are just things I miss. Like my tiger and lion necklaces, bunny earrings, and my other large obnoxious accessories I used to wear. My Saturday's revolt of going out and purchasing red nail polish is just my body's way of saying...we know you want to put on some new clothes, but you're going to have to wait a few weeks to leave the land of crap materials. But now my finger nails are all pretty and I have a pink flower for my hair. and a yellow/orange one. and a black one. and maroon one. Life is good.


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