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Si pero No.

How are you my eight readers? The demands for better posts was just too much, I had to meet demands. Plus, I missed you, Blog. It's nice to write about other things besides fixed questions for an application. Like how amazing my rainy afternoon nap was. And scrapping the last of the peanut butter from the jar Meg left me. And how I'm really confused what to fill my free time with now that I don't have an application to avoid working on.

It's been brought to my attention that I only have six weeks left here in this wonderful country. Yes, I just said Argentina was wonderful. For all its ridiculous and obnoxious things I love to complain about, I adore it for everything it has been to me. Even if I had to jump over the urine from the homeless man laying in the street peeing last night. Even if.

Also there are some pretty great things just getting started in my life. pretty great things, I say.
Yesterday, my internship had me making phone calls to the US. Simple task. Of course the man on the other online was confused when I responded to questions with Si, por favor. I never thought it would be so confusing to speak English. I guess I have my niches where I speak it. And one of them for the last year has not been cold calling strangers.

So now the next few weeks I will be worried about my application. I will have to find distractions. As someone brilliant I know says, "Distractions are the spices of life."

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